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Benaroya Hall

Benaroya Hall. Photo: Alex Studio
Photo: Alex Studio

Opened in 1998, Benaroya Hall is a crown jewel in the heart of downtown Seattle. The 2,500-seat auditorium blends glorious acoustics and architecture to create an unparalleled aesthetic experience. Dark woods, coffered ceiling panels, and excellent sightlines give the concert hall a feeling of intimacy, connecting each member of the audience to the stage. It is truly one of the world’s finest concert halls. (Courtesy of Seattle Symphony)

*Please note that children under 5 years of age are not permitted to attend events at Benaroya Hall.

To ensure the latest policies for your upcoming visit, we recommend confirming directly with the website of Benaroya Hall.

COVID Procedures from the Seattle Symphony Website

  • Masks are strongly encouraged for all patrons while in the building.
  • Audience members must sign a waiver at the time of ticket purchase acknowledging that the Seattle Symphony is not responsible for the risks associated with contracting an airborne illness at a concert venue.
  • A signed waiver is necessary for entry to the performance. If the form is not completed prior to arrival, you will be asked to fill out the form before being allowed to enter the concert space.

Directions and Parking

Benaroya Hall is at 200 University St, Seattle, WA 98101.

We recommend using the Benaroya Hall parking garage. The entrance is on the east side of 2nd Avenue between Union and University streets. Use the elevators located in the southeast corner to access the lobby. 

Additional parking garages include:

Everett Civic Auditorium

Everett Civic Auditorium

The Everett Civic Auditorium offers a beautiful space for school performances, plays, recitals, graduations, presentations, concerts and much more. This awesome venue continues to promote the arts for all ages. The Auditorium is on the campus of the historic Everett High School, and called a “hemp and bag house”. Stage rigging techniques draw largely from ship rigging. The origin is most obvious with hemp rigging, which uses closely related technology and terminology. To this day, the stage is referred to as a deck in the manner of a ship’s deck. (Courtesy of Everett Civic Auditorium) 

COVID Procedures at Everett Civic Auditorium

Everett Civic Auditorium allows the rental organization to determine COVID procedures. Seattle Choruses asks that those exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 please stay home. Masks are optional for all attendees and we will NOT be checking for proof of vaccine or negative test results. Attendance and safety measures are at the discretion of individual concert goers. 

Directions and Parking

The Everett Civic Auditorium is at 2415 Colby Avenue, Everett, WA 98201.

There is plentiful street parking around the venue. We suggest early arrival for those who may require closer proximity parking to the building.

Pantages Theater

Pantages Theater

The Pantages Theatre or Jones Building in Tacoma, Washington was designed by the architect B. Marcus Priteca. The unusual structure opened in January 1918. It was designed to be an office building and a vaudeville theatre. The theaters Second Renaissance Revival style is juxtaposed with the Commercial style. The exterior above the ground floor is largely unaltered. The building still houses entertainment and commercial activities. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

To ensure the latest polices for your upcoming visit, we recommend confirming directly with Pantages Theater.

COVID Procedures at Pantages Theater

Tacoma City Theaters and Pantages Theater are launching a new website. There are no requirements at this time for proof of COVID vaccination or negative test results. Additional requirements are determined by the renting organization. Seattle Choruses strongly encourages, but does not require, the use of masks by patrons. 

Directions and Parking

Pantages Theater is at 901 Broadway, Tacoma, WA 98402.

A new website is under construction for Pantages Theater, Tacoma City Theaters. Please check back for updated details. 

Town Hall Seattle

Town Hall Seattle

Town Hall’s historic building was originally the Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist, constructed in two stages from 1916 through 1922. It was built at the peak of the Christian Science movement, when the church could afford generous spaces and fine finishes. The congregation was the sole and continuous occupant of the building until it was sold to Town Hall in 1998. Architect George Foote Dunham of Portland designed the space, employing the distinctive Roman Revival style (popular among many Christian Science churches at the time) that lends Town Hall its characteristic high front portico with six two-story pillars and the high arched ceiling of the Great Hall. (Courtesy of Town Hall Seattle)

To ensure the latest polices for your upcoming visit, we recommend confirming directly with Town Hall Seattle.

COVID Procedures from the Town Hall Seattle Website

Beginning September 15, 2022, masking by all patrons, presenters, and employees is no longer required for Town Hall-produced events. Rental partners may continue to require masking for their events. Please check individual rental partner guidelines before attending any event.

Town Hall Seattle strongly encourages all audience members to continue to wear a mask over their nose and mouth except when eating or drinking. We ask that all audience members be respectful of each other’s choices.

Directions and Parking

Town Hall Seattle is at 1119 8th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101.

The parking lot at Town Hall is currently under construction, however there are several parking garages within a short distance. Please visit Location, Directions, & Parking – Town Hall Seattle for more details on specific garages.

The entrance is on 8th Avenue between Seneca and Spring streets. Please contact with accessibility accommodation inquiries and requests.

Nearby parking garages include:

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