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Seattle Men’s Chorus Perform Motown and More at Benaroya Hall

Seattle Men’s Chorus (SMC) is set to perform Motown and More; a soulful celebration of the hit music that emerged from the 1960’s Detroit record label, launching some of the most successful Black artists of the 20th century and forever changing America.


Samantha Berry
Marketing Manager
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Fact Sheet Overview

  • Artistic Director: Paul Caldwell
  • Executive Director: Craig Coogan
  • Board of Directors: President, Meisha Wangerin. Consists of 17 members elected to 3 year terms by the membership of the Choruses.
  • Annual Budget: $3,100,000+ (48% earned, 52% contributed)
  • Repertoire: classical, jazz, gospel, traditional, Broadway, contemporary and popular
  • Annual Concert Series: 5 concerts (SMC: 3, SWC: 2) / 20+ total performances
  • Annual Concert Attendance: 30,000
  • Outreach Performances and Special Events: Approximately 30 per year
  • Estimated Cumulative Live Audiences: 2.7 million
  • Founded: Seattle Men’s Chorus: 1979, Seattle Women’s Chorus: 2002
  • Member: Founding member of GALA Choruses; Member of Chorus America, Member of GSBA, Member of Greater Seattle Choral Consortium
  • Non-profit status: Section 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization
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