The Supertonics


An ensemble of Seattle Men's Chorus and Seattle Women's Chorus

It's a brand new small group under the Seattle Choruses' banner! This mixed ensemble comprises members from both Seattle Women's Chorus and Seattle Men's Chorus, with a focus on singing tight-harmony a cappella repertoire. The Supertonics are directed by Nikki Blackmer, who brings 15 years of experience singing, directing, and teaching a cappella music. 

The Supertonics make their debut at SMC's holiday concert, Jingle All the Way

Members: Nicholas Anderson, Cara Anderson-Ahrens, Colin Behl, Aaron Carasco, Rohan Chandra, Madeleine Hahn, Joel Kimmel-Staebler, Alex Kloehn, Jocelyn McNeil, David Nilsson, Carl Petrillo, Chelsea Quinn, Rene Salinas, Amanda Vilbrandt, Nicholas Wishaar, and Jennifer Younggren