Audition FAQs


What can I expect during the audition?

  • Each audition will only be 5-10 minutes. You are asked to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time to fill out a brief test of rudimentary music skills.
  • You will need to prepare 32 bars of any song you love to sing. Show tunes, pop songs or arias…even happy birthday. Bring music so that we can accompany you.
  • Singers are expected to be able to read the music staff (treble or bass clef) appropriate for their voice type, to define basic music terminology, and to identify symbols which commonly appear in printed music. 

I identify as trans, gender non-conforming, or non-binary. How does this affect my placement? 

Because we have distinct TTBB* and SSAA* choruses, placement in a chorus is based solely on successfully passing the current musical audition standards for that particular ensemble and being placed by the Artistic Director according to the tessitura and blending quality of the voice.

(*TTBB: Tenor, Bass, Baritone SSAA: Soprano, Alto)

Should I be nervous?

No. The audition is private and is non-competitive. It is designed to evaluate your voice, not whether you can out-sing anyone. There are many skill levels represented in each chorus. However, you will need basic musical ability to be a singing member. At a minimum, you will need to be able to match a pitch that is played on the piano as well as be able to repeat a basic rhythmic pattern. The Artistic staff will make that determination when meeting with you individually.

How big are the Choruses?

Chorus membership is not limited to any particular number. Currently there are approximately 330 singing members in Seattle Men's Chorus, approximately 220 singing members in Seattle Women's Chorus. This varies from concert to concert.

How will I know if I've been accepted as a singing member?

The Artistic Staff make their decisions at the conclusion of all scheduled auditions. You will be contacted by a member representative by phone or email with the decision of the Artistic Staff. If you are not yet ready to be a singing member, you may be asked to attend a future audition or be invited to participate as a Volunteer or an Associate.

What will happen after the audition?

New members will be asked to attend a New Member Orientation Meeting. This meeting will take about 30 minutes. It is designed to help you start getting acquainted with the chorus. You'll receive a copy of the Member Handbook, which contains lots of detailed information covered at the orientation.