Planned Giving

Planned giving is a way for you to provide for yourself and your loved ones while also yielding significant tax advantages while you are alive and after for your chosen beneficiaries. By giving thoughtful consideration to this matter now, you can be assured that gifts from your estate will reflect your values and desires.

The Legacy Circle was created to recognize those who have chosen to leave a future legacy to our organization. Legacy Circle members have remembered the choruses in their estate plans and are ensuring our future with their gifts. 

By joining the Legacy Circle, you create a permanent remembrance while seeing that your own philanthropic goals are fulfilled.

Options for Giving

There are a variety of approaches available for you to create a lasting gift for your loved ones, our Choruses and, ultimately, the entire community:

  • Bequests

A gift specified through your will.

  • Charitable Remainder Trust

A trust created in order to leave assets to a charity or non-profit organization at some time in the future. Usually a person receives income from the trust while alive. The remaining trust principal goes to the charity upon his or her death.

  • Charitable Lead Trust

A trust created to provide current income to a charity. Upon your death, the remaining trust principle goes to your heirs.

  • Life Insurance

You can name a charity as sole or co-beneficiary resulting in a large future gift. One other possibility is to donate a fully paid policy to a charitable organization for current tax benefits.

  • Remainder Interest in Personal Residence

A current or secondary residence can be given to a charity while the owner retains the right to live there for life (or a chosen survivor's lifetime.)

  • Retirement Plans

You can name a charity as the sole or co-beneficiary on various retirement plans including IRAs, SEPs, Roth IRAs and 401(k)s to pass to the charity upon your death.

  • Transfer on Death

For non-qualified accounts such as mutual funds and brokerage accounts, you can effectively pass on the assets upon your death to a charity.

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