Springtime for SWC

Springtime for SWC

April 20, 2016
Categories: Seattle Women's Chorus, GALA Choruses

It’s a busy spring for SWC. Here’s a quick look at what we’re up to.

Recently, Associate Artistic Director, Eric Lane Barnes, held auditions for new chorus members and we had a great turnout of interested singers. We’re happy to welcome twenty-seven (27!!) new members to the Chorus, who will begin rehearsals in August for our autumn concert at Saint Mark’s Cathedral. With this recent addition, our total membership is now up to a zillion (approximately). You can look forward to an even more powerful sound from us come October.

Speaking of many powerful voices…

In June, we join with SMC to celebrate a true Seattle institution: Dennis Coleman, our artistic director, who is retiring at the end of this season. Dennis has been with SWC since our very first concert in 2002, sharing dozens of performances, hundreds of songs, and many more memories.

We’re rehearsing now for several pieces that we’ll perform with SMC as a final and fitting tribute to our friend. If you want to know what it sounds like when 400 voices come together, don’t miss Encore! (and keep your fingers crossed that we’ll all fit on the stage).

We’re also in rehearsals to perform at a choral music festival in Denver this July. Occurring every four years, the GALA Festival brings together LGBTQ choruses from across the globe to celebrate and sing. This year, SWC will perform a morning Coffee Concert. We were chosen through a competitive selection process to receive this featured performance slot which will be simulcast to all 6,500 festival attendees AND live-streamed for the folks back home (watch for details on where and when to tune in).

For the performance, we’re reprising 2014’s We Can Do It, featuring the iconic Rosie the Riveter. Highlighted by pieces like "It Ain't Woman's Work," "Femininity Quotient," and "Womanpower," this compelling concert offers a glimpse into the lives of the women who changed the American workplace forever.

But before any of that happens, a select number of SWC members will provide fabulous entertainment at this year’s auction, The Roaring Twenties, on May 7. We’re pulling the flapper dresses out of storage and practicing our ‘20s slang. We hope to see you at Fremont Studios, where you can get zozzled and spend some clams during the live and silent auction, all for a good cause.

Now let’s blouse (aka, we’re outta here).