Removing Barriers, Creating Opportunities

Removing Barriers, Creating Opportunities

March 30, 2018
Categories: Seattle

We are happy to introduce you to Amara, a nonprofit organization devoted to creating a better path for kids in foster care. Amara is sponsoring our free family concert, an annual tradition of ours since the year 2000. You can speak with representatives from the company at our concert on April 7, or visit their website for more information. 



“The best part of being a parent is being part of our kids’ lives, to witness their struggles and their successes, and be there for them in good and bad times. Seeing our kids conquer their fears or excel in ways they didn’t imagine is indescribable, whether it’s learning a new dance move or catching an interception in a football game or reciting a poem in front of the class.”

– Fred Swanson, Amara Dad


Fred Swanson and his husband, Adam, are now parents of three beautiful children. They are an Amara family, brought together through love, commitment, and a fierce dedication to fostering and adoption.  At Amara, our goal is for every child in foster care to have a safe, loving, and committed home for as long as they need. Actively recruiting, supporting, and training LGBTQ families is an essential part of how we accomplish that mission. In a world that too often closes doors and limits potential, we are committed to removing barriers and creating opportunities for all families, until every child has the support and love they deserve. 

We believe in an expansive and inclusive definition of family, welcoming and actively seeking families of all gender identities, expressions, and sexual orientations. Indeed, we believe a varied pool of diverse foster parents creates better outcomes for kids. In addition to offering more opportunities for kids that need homes, we have also seen that LGBTQ parents often bring a natural empathy and understanding for kids going through tough times that can make them uniquely qualified foster parents.

And we can still do more! We are currently in the research stages of developing training and support for those fostering LGBTQ youth. LGBTQ youth are over-represented in foster care and we want to ensure that these youth find loving, supportive homes whether their parents identify as LGBTQ or not. Our goal is to soon offer training for ALL Amara parents to equip them to support LGBTQ kids and youth.

Amara is committed to continue partnering with the LGBTQ community to change kids’ lives and build strong families. We are grateful for this important partnership and believe that together we can make a great difference in our community!