Q and A with Isolde Fair, a Voice for the Future

Q and A with Isolde Fair, a Voice for the Future

October 2, 2017
Categories: Seattle Women's Chorus


If you're on social media, you likely remember a video that was floating around Facebook and Twitter in January. Posted on Inauguration Day, the video shows an all-girls music class performing an original song that was inspired by words from Hillary Clinton's concession speech: "to all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams." If you haven't seen and heard the song, you'll find it here.

Written by (then) 13-year-old Isolde Fair, "To All the Little Girls" has since been performed by its composer at Lincoln Center for the Women in the World Summit and, later this month, the music video will be on the first round of Grammy nomination ballots.

Seattle Women's Chorus is honored that Isolde will be joining us for the second week of concerts (Oct. 20 & 21) of Fired Up to perform her song. Get to know a bit more about her here, before she hits the stage at Saint Mark's Cathedral.


How did you find out that Hillary Clinton had tweeted your music video? Who was the first person you told when you heard? I was sick with the flu and feeling pretty bad. My mom was on a walk and my dad was doing some work on the computer when he started hearing a "pinging" sound. He looked at the computer and realized that something was going on! Lot's of people were looking at my video all at one time and some of the comments said that Hillary Clinton just tweeted about me and my classmates, thanking me for my song. At first I thought it was fake, but my dad went on Twitter and saw that it was real and I started to cry. So I was crying, coughing, sneezing and what not. When my mom came back, she was the first person I told and we were all really excited.

What is the best thing that has come out of your viral video success? Going to all the amazing events and meeting so many inspirational people, including Secretary Clinton, many of whom have become my role models.

School is cancelled for the day! How do you spend your 24 hours of freedom? Writing songs, practicing my instruments, taking a jog in my neighborhood, & hanging out with friends. 

Do you have any advice for younger girls who are interested in music or the performing arts? No matter what, when doing what you love, don't let anybody bring you down. Try lots of different art forms to find what your heart desires. 

So far, this year’s list of top 10 Halloween costumes includes Wonder Woman and a giraffe. Do you have a costume picked out for later this month? Not really but if I had a choice I would probably be Minnie Mouse, a cat or an angel.

Any particular singer/songwriters you admire? Yes, David Bowie, Regina Spektor, Aretha Franklin, Zella Day, Sabrina Carpenter, Allessia Cara, Sia and I love the Beatles.