Oscar-Nominated Song Added to Not In Our Town

Oscar-Nominated Song Added to Not In Our Town

January 25, 2018
Categories: Seattle Men's Chorus

This week, the Academy Award nominations  were announced. In addition to the big stars (Denzel! Meryl!, Margot!) and the big films (hello, Call Me By Your Name), "This Is Me" was nominated for Original Song, and it's the frontrunner for the golden statue. The hit song comes from the film The Greatest Showman, and was written by Pasek & Paul, most famous for their Broadway musical, Dear Evan Hansen*, and their song, "City of Stars," from La La Land.

The song that, according to VARIETY, "appears to have a future as an anthem for the marginalized, disenfranchised, the bullied and the outcast," has already won a Golden Globe and inspired covers

"This Is Me" will be featured in our next concert, Not In Our Town, performed by Seattle Men's Chorus (no strangers to songs and stories about the bullied and the outcast).

Not In Our Town takes the stage at McCaw Hall on April 7 & 8. See you there!


*fan of Dear Evan Hansen"You Will be Found" is also on the program for April, in a joint performance with Seattle Women's Chorus and Seattle Men's Chorus.