Everett Civic Auditorium


The Everett Civic Auditorium offers a beautiful space for school performances, plays, recitals, graduations, presentations, concerts and much more. This awesome venue continues to promote the arts for all ages. The Auditorium is on the campus of the historic Everett High School, and called a "hemp and bag house". Stage rigging techniques draw largely from ship rigging. The origin is most obvious with hemp rigging, which uses closely related technology and terminology. To this day, the stage is referred to as a deck in the manner of a ship's deck. 

Courtesy of Everett Civic Auditorium 


The Everett Civic Auditorium is located at 2415 Colby Avenue, Everett, WA 98201.

There is plentiful street parking around the venue. We suggest early arrival for those who may require closer proximity parking to the building.