Out on the Porch FAQ


How do I purchase a virtual ticket?

Follow this link to purchase a virtual ticket to Out on the Porch.


When can I watch Out on the Porch?

Streaming will be available from June 10, 2021, 9 a.m. PST until June 30, 2021, 11:59 p.m. PST. You will be able to watch the video at any time during that window, as often as you like within a 48 hour window from the first activation/viewing with your access code.


Can I watch Out on the Porch more than once?

Yes! Once you’ve purchased your virtual ticket and received your access link, you can watch the performance as many times as you like during your unique 48 hour viewing window, which runs from June 10, 2021, 9 a.m. PST until June 30, 2021, 11:59 p.m. PST.


Is it one virtual ticket per person or one virtual ticket per household?

Each event pass gives you one access link to view Out on the Porch. That access link is valid for only one device at a time. If your household will be watching the event on one device, you will only need one event pass. However, if your household plans on watching simultaneously on several devices, or if your family plans to watch at the same time but from remote locations, you will need to purchase a separate event pass for each device and location.


On which devices can I watch Out on the Porch?

You can watch your video on your computer, tablet, phone, or any device that has an internet browser. Simply open your confirmation email on your preferred device and click the blue button with the access link. You can also “cast” or “mirror” the performance from your device to your television.


I’ve lost the email that contains my access link, can you resend it?

Absolutely! If you have lost your original confirmation email or cannot find the reminder email that was sent, you can contact our Operations Manager at aaronf@seattlechoruses.org during regular business hours, and they will resend your link.

If you are planning to view Out on the Porch during a weekend, please make sure to locate your access link in advance and during the week so our team is available to help you.


Who can I contact for technical support?

Email Aaron Frisbie at aaronf@seattlechoruses.org If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your video stream.


How do I purchase a virtual ticket as a gift for someone else?

There are a few different ways you can purchase and send gift passes to friends and family.

Option 1: You can purchase all of your passes at one time. Your confirmation email will contain separate access links for each pass you have purchased. You can then distribute these links to your friends and family. We encourage you to keep track of which link you send to each friend or family member for reference if needed. Remember, each link can only be played on one device at a time, so make sure to send unique links to each friend or family member.

Option 2: You can purchase each pass one at a time and input the email address of each friend or family member instead of your own. They will receive the confirmation email with an access link. They will also receive the receipt information, however. If you don’t want them to receive the receipt information, you will need to follow option 1 or option 3.

Option 3: You can purchase each pass one at a time, inputting your own email address, and then forward the separate confirmation emails to your friends and family members. This will allow you to share the confirmation link only and delete the receipt information. We encourage you to keep track of which link you send to each friend or family member for reference when the reminder emails come through. One tip to help you keep track of which access link belongs to whom is to change the first name in the order form to say “For [Name of Guest]” for each pass purchased.


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