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Samantha Berry
Marketing Manager
Seattle Choruses
Phone: 206.323.0750 x202
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Fact Sheet Overview

  • Artistic Director: Paul Caldwell
  • Executive Director: Craig Coogan
  • Board of Directors: President, Brooks Glenn

Consists of 18 members elected to 3 year terms by the membership of the Choruses.

  • Annual Budget: $3,100,000+ (48% earned, 52% contributed)
  • Repertoire: classical, jazz, gospel, traditional, Broadway, contemporary and popular
  • Annual Concert Series: 5 concerts (SMC: 3, SWC: 2) / 20+ total performances
  • Annual Concert Attendance: 30,000
  • Outreach Performances and Special Events: Approximately 30 per year
  • Estimated Cumulative Live Audiences: 2.7 million
  • Founded: Seattle Men’s Chorus: 1979, Seattle Women’s Chorus: 2002
  • Member: Founding member of GALA Choruses; Member of Chorus America, Member of GSBA, Member of Greater Seattle Choral Consortium
  • Non-profit status: Section 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization