Together We Sing Like Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather - Seattle Choruses
Seattle Choruses. Choir selects.

There’s awe-inspiring sound all around us, and together members of Seattle Choruses and Woodland Park Zoo made beautiful music for the lively Wild at Heart partnership series, celebrating local cultural organizations.

Three members of the ensemble, The Supertonics, warmed up their vocal cords to the chirps and whistles of 45 birds in the zoo’s African Aviary. Chelsea Quinn, David Nilsson and Nick Wishaar harmonized together for the first time since the pandemic shuttered the Seattle Choruses early last year. These friends and fellow singers delighted in the sounds of the surrounding birds as they made their own melody.

Jeff Hu
Jeff Hu

Soloist Jeff Hu also warbled in the African Aviary. He sang Israel (IZ) Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” among flying blue birds and yellow feathered friends, like lemon drops way up high. Hu’s wonderful private performance wasn’t just for the birds—it brought happiness and smiles to everyone passing by.

The little yellow birds who sang along with the humans are called Taveta golden weavers, songbirds native to north central Tanzania and south central Kenya.

Woodland Park Zoo wants to inspire everyone to make conservation a priority, and inspiration can come in many forms—by enjoying the sounds of nature, through up-close experiences with beautiful birds and other wildlife, or like today, by feeling the connection between humans, animals and the beauty of our natural world.

To view the full video of Jeff Hu, visit our Watch page. You can find The Supertonic’s warm-up and other photos on the Woodland Park Zoo and Seattle Choruses social media channels.

Arts, science and heritage are the heart of Seattle. We are a vibrant and rich community of cultural partners—from artists to actors to animal lovers, museums to musicians, and singers to scientists. We are all Wild at Heart, and we celebrate our unique and collective contributions that bring life to this city. To learn more about Wild at Heart, visit their website.

Photo & Supertonics Video credit: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren, Woodland Park Zoo

Jeff Hu Soloist Video Credit: Seattle Choruses

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