undercover.jpgFeatures covers of songs made popular by Elton John, Joni Mitchell, Petula Clark, Rufus Wainwright, Bill Withers, James Taylor, Sonny and Cher and many others. You'll be humming along to such great tunes as Big Yellow Taxi, Killing Me Softly, Fernando, Suddenly Seymour and Xanadu.


Format: Compact Disc
Category: Pop
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Released: 2004
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Song List

1. Drift Away
2. Big Yellow Taxi
3. This Boy
4. Use Me
5. Killing Me Softly
6. Downtown
7. Suddenly Seymour
8. Fernando
9. Fire and Rain
10. Vibrate
11. I Want Love
12. Hallelujah
13. Believe / I Got You / The Beat Goes On
14. Xanadu
15. Vitamin Q