Fruit of the Month Club

fruit-of-the-month-club.jpgCaptain Smartypants and Zipper, two remarkable ensembles from Seattle Men's Chorus, team together to sing original songs by Eric Lane Barnes.

Now you can own a piece of these works of art. Included on the recording are audience favorites such as Parking Spot, Available and When You Meet An Angel along with brand-new, stunning originals.


Format: Compact Disc
Category: Pop
Price: $15 (plus $3 shipping)
Released: 2001
Availability: Currently In-Stock

Listen to a Sample

Shave and a Haircut

Song List

1. Flying Dreams
2. Love Don't Be A Stranger
3. Garbage
4. Available
5. Mood Vertigo
6. Shave and a Haircut
7. Parking Spot
8. Fairy Tales
9. The Fundamental
10. The Letter Song
11. When You Meet An Angel
12. Love Rain Down
13. Fruit Cocktail