Fruit of the Month Club

fruit-of-the-month-club.jpgCaptain Smartypants and Zipper, two remarkable ensembles from Seattle Men's Chorus, team together to sing original songs by Eric Lane Barnes. Eric joined the chorus as Associate Artistic Director in 2000 and has produced hits that have electrified audiences.

Now you can own a piece of these works of art. Included on the recording are audience favorites such as Parking Spot, Available and When You Meet An Angel along with brand-new, stunning originals. Be the first to own this incredible CD.


Format: Compact Disc
Category: Pop
Price: $15 (plus $3 shipping)
Released: 2001
Availability: Currently In-Stock

Listen to a Sample

Shave and a Haircut

Song List

1. Flying Dreams
2. Love Don't Be A Stranger
3. Garbage
4. Available
5. Mood Vertigo
6. Shave and a Haircut
7. Parking Spot
8. Fairy Tales
9. The Fundamental
10. The Letter Song
11. When You Meet An Angel
12. Love Rain Down
13. Fruit Cocktail