Captain Smartypants

An ensemble of Seattle Men's Chorus

Captain Smartypants is a gay vocal comedy group. They have performed all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond, thrilling, delighting and alarming audiences from Washington DC to San Francisco.

Since their inception in 2000, Captain Smartypants has performed with Ann Wilson, Jennifer Holliday, Kelli O’Hara, Kristin Chenoweth, Melissa Manchester, Tituss Burgess, and was Seattle’s warm-up act for Margaret Cho's filming of “The Notorious C.H.O.”

Their performance of ‘Kislev Cowboys’ (aka ‘Brokeback Dreidel’) has received over 500,000 hits on YouTube and was featured on NPR’s ‘Hearing Voices’ in November of 2008.

Membership: Nich Anderson, Ryan Belcher, Brick George, Chris Hoffman, Rad Milosavljević, David Nilsson, Paul Rosenberg, Dan Smith, Jer Wallis 

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