Raise Your Voice for Safety

Raise Your Voice for Safety

February 12, 2016
Categories: Seattle

You may have noticed a lot of attention recently on whether or not transgender people should be able to use restrooms and other facilities that match their gender identity. But transgender people already have that right, and they have for ten years in Washington State. These protections are essential for transgender people to live and work safely in our communities.

Two Senate bills (SB 6443 and SB 6548) have threatened to roll back our antidiscrimination law. One has failed, but SB 6548 remains. The bill purports to protect women and girls, but it actually does the opposite – transgender women and girls face violence at an incredibly disproportionate rate, and this bill aims to remove protections they currently have in Washington State.

Senate Bill 6548 is part of a new wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation being pushed across the country. This bill is moving quickly towards a Senate vote, and we need to act now to put an end to it before it moves even further.

Please contact your legislator and urge them to vote NO.

Visit the Washington SAFE Alliance website – or follow them on Facebook and Twitter – for more information on what you can do. Thank you for your advocacy to ensure safety for all Washingtonians.