Our Choruses have had a wonderful partnership with Alaska Airlines for a number of years now. They've provided us with countless miles for staff business travel, auctions, guest artists, and a whole bunch more. As Seattle's hometown airline, it's truly been a rewarding and mutually-beneficial experience to partner with them. Now that we're into June, we're celebrating Pride Month with Alaska Airlines and taking our partnership to new heights.

Halie and Matthew in front of plane.jpg

Just this week my colleague, Halie, and I had the distinct honor of participating in the delivery of a new airplane into the Alaska Airlines fleet from Boeing. Not only was it super fun, which it was, it was also a rare opportunity for us to be part of a special day for the airline. 

Imagine the thrill you have when you purchase a brand new car and drive it off the lot for the first time. Then multiply that feeling (or at least the price-tag) by the millions, and you've landed on this wonderful experience. Alaska Airlines' LGBT employee group (GLOBE) collaborated with us on this unique experience, and I can genuinely say it left me feeling "proud."

First we were shuttled to Boeing Field, where we got to walk out on the tarmac and get up close and personal with the exterior of the plane. We got to put our heads up in the wheel well, kick the tires (literally...shh!), and just take it all in. This 737-900ER was quite a sight to behold. Then they ushered us onto the plane, where we took our seats (we may have gotten to sit in first class...no big deal) and enjoyed lunch on the aircraft. Let me tell you, that "new airplane smell" is actually a thing! We then got to experience a short flight on the new plane. We flew up over the mountains and over to Yakima, before returning to Seatac. 

First Class seats.jpgAll in all, it was an experience I'll never forget. Nor will we forget the amazing relationship we've built over time with our partner airline.

When you come to the Encore! concert in a couple weeks, you'll no doubt see some Alaska Airline faces in the crowd. We're proud to be part of the Alaska Family, and we're just as proud to have them as part of the Chorus Family.

-Matthew Ramsey
Director of Development & Marketing