Camp Partnerships

Camp Partnerships

February 9, 2016
Categories: Seattle Women's Chorus, Seattle

We are thrilled to announce that we have developed some very special partnerships for the upcoming Camp concert! Each of these partner organizations will be recognized on stage at one performance, plus they’ll host tables in the lobby for more information about the great work they do within the community.

We're working with the following fantastic groups:  


GSWW logo.jpgGirl Scouts of Western Washington has a robust summer camp program for girls, plus our local chapter stood up to transphobia and continues to be an incredibly inclusive organization. Read more about their efforts to stand up to transphobia here.



Camp Ten Trees logo.jpgCamp Ten Trees is a local camp that serves LGBTQ youth and the children of LGBTQ parents. They provide multiple weeks of summer camp each year. 




Camp Nor'wester logo.jpgCamp Nor’wester is a co-residential summer camp for boys and girls that is dedicated to a strong ethic of stewardship with an emphasis on community living. SWC’s very own singer, Sheila Tallmon, is the executive director for Camp Nor’wester.  



Treehouse logo.pngTreehouse supports foster children in a variety of life-changing ways, including sending them to summer camp at no cost. 



We have chosen four outstanding partners and we can’t wait to work with them. Together we can bring camp to all children who want to attend, and support youth across our community to let them know we love them just the way they are.