3 Questions With

3 Questions With

November 22, 2016
Categories: Seattle Men's Chorus


SMC takes the stage at Benaroya Hall on December 4th to open Silver & Soul, Seattle's holiday extravaganza! Let's meet a handful of the soloists who will be making spirits bright. 


Nathan Wilson, soloist, "Gaudete" and "Dear Santa (Bring Me a Man This Christmas)"

What’s your favorite song in Silver & Soul and why? It’s such an eclectic concert with so many great genres, but I would have to say “Go Tell It On The Mountain.” There’s something so powerful about a large chorus singing gospel music. Add Mr. Ritchie on the solo and it’s going to be electric!

What are you most enjoying about Paul, the new director? The energy he brings to each rehearsal. His excitement makes us excited. His love of the music inspires our love of the music. I’ve really enjoyed his fresh take on the holiday show, with songs we’ve never done before. I think the audience is going to love it.

What do you want Santa to bring you this year? Peace on earth. Too pageant-y? The older I get, the less Christmas has to do with gifts – and more to do with the fun things I do with friends – going to other shows or concerts, parties, and time off with family.


Halie Looper, soloist, "Lo How a Rose/The Rose"

What’s your favorite song in Silver & Soul and why? "Peace and Favor Rest on Us" because I like a trick key change.

Your best holiday memory from childhood? The year that my grandparents, who lived in Texas, were there to surprise us Christmas morning! 

What do you want Santa to bring you this year? A puppy.


Matthew Sherman, soloist, "Gaudete"

What are you most enjoying about Paul, the new director? Paul brings a vibrant energy that is keeping Dennis' legacy alive while paving the way for an incredible new sound. I'm really excited to bring this energy to our audiences.

Your best holiday memory from childhood? One year my family decided to chop down a tree instead of going to a tree lot. We underestimated the size of the tree we cut down and it ended up being a lot taller than our vaulted ceilings would accommodate. Also, the tree came with stowaways. The morning after we put the tree up, the ceiling was covered with spiders. T'was the nightmare before Christmas...

Why did you join SMC?

In 2007, I had a really rough 'coming out' and that same year I moved to Seattle from Portland. Not having known many people and being a singer, a dear friend introduced me to the chorus and I auditioned. Thankfully I got in and was instantly welcomed by family.


Jeffrey Erickson, soloist, "Peace and Favor Rest On Us"

What do you want Santa to bring you this year? Ummm....a man

Your best holiday memory from childhood? I've been coming to the Seattle Men's Chorus holiday show since I was a young kid. I grew up with these guys and have been blessed to be on stage with them for the past 12 years.

Why did you join SMC? I wanted to stay true to the promise I made my grandma when I was boy. I told her I would be in the Chorus and on that stage one day. I didn't even know the Chorus was primarily gay. I was glad she lived long enough to see it happen. I love being able to have a creative outlet which is flexible with my work life. I also love what the chorus represents to our community.